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The Schultzes Blog

She couldn’t get her away from the door.  No matter how many times she pulled Tali away, tried to distract her, she always ended up back at the little window in the front door, searching for her Daddy.   
Tony had been gone for a week, and at first the concept had stumped the little girl.  Her daddy had never been gone for so long.  He tried his very best to wake her up each morning, and put her to bed each night.  And so each day she would wait for him at the door before dinner, and each night, she asked for him before she went to bed.   
 Ziva could see the distress in her baby girl’s eyes, the curiosity.  Each time she heard her tiny voice say, "Mama where Dada?"  She tried her best to explain to her that Daddy was away, but that he would be home soon.  
"He will be home in seven sleeps, little love.  Seven sleeps."  
Despite Ziva’s reassurance, and her many attempts to entertain her daughter, Tali would stand on her barely found legs, Bogie at her side, bouncing at the door, waiting.
 A few days in, Tali’s question changed.  "Mama, seeps?" She asked, with her big, inquisitive eyes.  
It took Ziva a moment to understand what she was asking, and she said again, “Mama, Dada seeps?” 
She smiled, kissing Tali on the forehead.  She stroked her hair softly as she snuggled into her bed, eyes drooping into sleep.  "Daddy will be home in four sleeps, little love.  Four sleeps."
 The days passed, and the routine was the same, until the last.  The last day, Tali’s patience had run out.  The waiting was far too much for her 18 months, and she burst into tears when Tony did not come home for supper.  Ziva picked her up from her post at the door, cradling her to her body, whispering nonsense into her ear, trying to soothe her desperate cries to no avail.  Tali cried herself into exhaustion, finally dropping off in Ziva’s arms hours later.  As she lay her in her crib with an aching heart she whispered, 
"Just one more sleep little love, one more, and Daddy will be home."  She pressed a soft kiss to her hair, hoping to god he was home on time.   
Ziva woke the next day to an agitated baby.  Tali was restless as she’d ever seen her, and it seemed as soon as she got her dressed and on the ground, she was running to the door.  
"It is not time yet, Talia Hope," she said, "Daddy will not be home until supper."  But Tali turned her head back out the little window, bouncing up and down.  Ziva smiled as Bogie lay next to her, her faithful companion, waiting with more patience than a toddler should have.   
Twenty minutes later, Ziva sat in the den with a book, when a high pitched squeal broke her concentration.  She jumped up to see Tony’s car pull into the drive through the window, and Tali jumping up and down, screaming in excitement.   She banged her hands on the window, patience completely worn out.  Tony opened the door and she fell into his legs before he could scoop her up and hug her to his chest.  She snuggled into him content for the first time in days to be in her Daddy’s arms.  He smiled, kissing her all over, drawing giggles and squeals. 
 ”Hey,” he said, still smiling as he snuggled their daughter. 
"Hi.  I thought we would not see you til tonight."
 “I caught an earlier flight.  I missed you guys. Did you miss me?” he murmured into his daughter’s chubby cheek. 
Ziva walked up to the pair and pecked her husband on the cheek. “I am afraid that would be an understatement.” 


i adore this apartment in so many ways


vintage & models ❂


07 by Jingyuer on Flickr.


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